Glacial Lakes Finishing, Inc.

Glacial Lakes Finishing, Inc. serves a wide range of industrial customers & markets.
Our three owners have 30+ years combined experience in the finishing services industry.

Our reputation for quality and process knowledge has allowed us to grow through 2 recessions and positioned us as a respected metal finisher. We offer a dedicated team of technical and quality experts with the experience and resource inputs to solve the most challenging surface finishing applications. We are ISO-9001:2008 certified, which shows our steadfast dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Finishing Services

Glacial Lakes Finishings offers a full range of finishing services:

Powder Coating

Powder coating

As ISO-9001:2008 certified powder coating specialists, we offer to Diecasters, Extruders, and Fabricators an extensive historical knowledge base and specialized processes to produce defect free powder coated products with high quality outcomes. Quality is our number one priority.

powder coating services

Conversion coating

Non-Chrome Conversion Coating

Glacial Lakes Finishing offers a Non-Chrome Conversion Coating which is RoHS Compliant. Our Chemeon TCP-HF Conversion Coating process is designed to improve corrosion resistance. They can be utilized for a pre-powder coating corrosion inhibiting film barrier or a standalone finish.

conversion coating

Mechanical Finishing

Mechanical Finishing

Glacial Lakes Finishing offers mechanical finishing for both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys, such as surface blasting and vibratory deburring.

mechanical finishing services

Die-cast processing, Extrusions for metals and more

Casting / Extrusions

Glacial Lakes Finishing specializes in processing die cast and extruded parts of different metals and alloys such as Magnesium, Aluminum, Zinc & Zemak.

About our casting and extrusion services

Glacial Lakes Finishing's value-added services

Value-added Services

In order to provide great customer service, we also provide several other services such as : Custom Packaging, Assembly Operations, Drop Shipping, Delivery and Pick up via Glacial Lakes Finishing, Inc. owned trucks, Kan Ban.

Glacial Lakes Finishing